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Wetland Delineation Support for Natural Gas Operations Pennsylvania Delineation of jurisdictional wetlands on over 50 natural gas development sites in support of operational permitting activities.  To allow rapid response in site planning, a standardized field inspection and reporting procedure was developed to screen sites for the presence or absence of regulated wetlands and to coordinate mapping for sites where wetlands were present.  Delineations were conducted under all weather conditions and in the presence of active gas well development activities.
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Representative Wetland Services
Quarry Expansion Wetland Delineation Pennsylvania Delineation of jurisdictional wetlands on a 255 acre aggregate quarry site in support of a PADEP mining permit expansion and 105/404 Individual Permit.  The site involved complex systems of natural groundwater expressions and historic mine drainage controls, with natural gas pipeline development along one side.  Special attention was given to identifying a minimum impact corridor for a spoil haul road crossing a wetland valley.  Existing stream channels were also delineated for normal flow and bank-full extent.
Electric Utility Wetland Mitigation and Monitoring Pennsylvania Design and monitoring of created wetlands as mitigation for a fly ash disposal landfill expansion at a coal-fired power plant.  A series of shallow terraces were constructed to intercept local groundwater and surface runoff, with a blended organic substrate and wood chip spreading zone installed to assure rich growth and hydraulic spreading.  Under PADEP permit conditions, success monitoring is being conducted over a five year period, including an intensive vegetative survey during the second growing season.
Residential Development Delineation and Mitigation Montana Jurisdictional wetland delineation, impact permitting, and mitigation planning for a mixed townhouse and single family development site on 37 acres.  This project s being constructed on a historic coal mine site which includes several deep mine discharges that have developed wetland fringes.  To maximize development area and reduce costs, permitting negotiations with the Corps of Engineers allowed the mitigation areas to be constructed as water features within the project open space, including landscaped meandering channels, ponds, and waterfalls.